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Ladybird and Sage

Took wing in Melbourne, Australia with a few seeds, a couple of lemons, some 1980's Laura Ashley fabric, a handful of 1920's buttons and the belief and inspiration of Jasmine. Ladybird and Sage flew across the seas and landed in the lovely village of Lambley, Nottinghamshire. Hope and Elvis taught her to fly.

In Season

 New in the Pantry... 

 "Bloody Beautiful Blackberry" Jam £3 large £2 small

 Scrap Packs "something old something new something borrowed something blue!" gorgeous vintage fabrics, quirky bits and bobs AND surprises. A must for every crafter! £2.50

 Staples in the Pantry...

 Moroccan Preserved Lemons moorish, sexy and salty. Each bottle comes with a selection of scrumptious recipes £3

 Lavender Chickens 'Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly'  £3

 Travel totes Beautiful hand crafted with pockets galore for your phone and all your bits and bobs £8

 Door Stop... Plastic Bag Holder... Peg Bag ... created from high end upholstery fabrics in a rich colour palette of your choice £3 each or 2 for £5

 Pin cushions made from lovely doilies from a bygone era £3 each or 2 for £5

 Scotty Dog, Baby Pony, Slithery Snake hand stitched from vintage fabrics £5

 Lavender and rosebud Hearts hand stitched from new and vintage fabrics filled with Moroccan Lavender and Rosebuds £2 each or 3 for £5

 Beautiful Photographic Cards  4 cards in each packet £2 The 'Santorini' Collection, The 'Hollyhocks and Ladybirds of Amsterdam' Collection, The 'Garden Whimsy' Collection, The 'Iona' Collection The 'Seasons of Nottinghamshire' Collection and other collections from around the world

Legend of the Ladybird

Legend has it that during the Middle Ages when food crops were being destroyed by menacing bugs, the Christian faith of the day led farmers to offer prayers to 'Lady' Mary. They were blessed with thousands of ladybirds who quickly ate the pests and saved the harvest. From then on,the ladybird was known as 'Our Lady's Beetle', which evolved through ladybeetle, ladybug and finally to the presently known ladybird. The Christian association of 'Our Lady' with these beetles is seen in the picture book language used around the European world.  Nyckelpiga 'Our Lady's Key-Maid' (Scandinavian) Marienkafer 'Mary's Beetle' (German)  Bete a bon Dieu - 'Animal of the Good God' (France)

Sage:Wisdom healing saving salve of the Salvia plant family

Find. Pick. Create. Thread. Stitch. Make. Packet. Give. Don't buy cheap stuff made offshore feeding a gluttonous capitalism.

Make and Give with LOVE